Wearing a hijab: ‘’I’m now more concerned about how I act and come across than what I look like.”

‘’I’ve become more feminist through my faith’’ Zaheda said. Something you may not have expected to hear from a woman who’s wearing a hijab. This 23 year-old from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, spent the first 9 years of her life in Afghanistan but had to flee the country because of the ongoing war. Now, she’s a motivated medicine student who at the same time tries to fight the bias against hijabis. Because what do you think when you see a woman covering her hair? Do you see oppression or freedom?

Zaheda’s story of Zaheda benchwhy she chose to wear a hijab might be one of many women. Initially, she was afraid to wear it and of what people would think of her. Even her father discouraged it because he too was afraid of possible discrimination she’d suffer from. And she does face this discrimination. For example, in her field of medicine, the chances of becoming a surgeon are really quite small for her because the specialization trainers choose the people they want in their team and they tend to want people who fit into the group. People who can ‘’let loose and maybe just take off that headscarf’’. Think about it, how often have you been treated by a doctor who’s wearing a hijab? Luckily, Zaheda wants to go into pediatrics or urgent care so she can avoid the bias, but still it’s sad that it’s happening and it shows the presence Continue reading “Wearing a hijab: ‘’I’m now more concerned about how I act and come across than what I look like.””