Let us ”help” you – Western arrogance


We, the West, have a bit of an attitude problem. After years of growing our economy and increasing our living standards we feel this urge to help people who don’t have it as well as we do. This is, however, an interesting thought and something worth discussing. Because how do we believe we can help people the best? And what do we truly know about them?

In order to help people, you must have a plan. And the Dutch documentary series De Westerlingen is one of the sources providing its watchers with a sense of western ideas not being welcome. It raises the question of what our plan is and whether is it actually helping others.
We are very good at helping our own people and this is probably because we know their customs and way of life. This is, however, not the case when we talk about places in The East or South (or wherever that’s not Europe to be honest). The average Joe probably can’t go into detail about the Arab Continue reading “Let us ”help” you – Western arrogance”

Meeting Josephine Kulea: She gives Obama hope!

You know how your goals sometimes seem unachievable? Like the road ahead of you seems to be endless and long and you’re not sure if you’re willing to hike all the way up to the top? I feel that way sometimes (read: often) and I truly wonder what gear people use to get up there. Cause how can you be at that point while having started completely at the bottom? I was in luck because I had the chance to meet an inspiration, Josephine Kulea, and now I want to share what I’ve learnt with you.

Josephine is a Samburu, Kenyan, born lady whose culture promotes FGM, beading and child marriage (harmful traditions I encourage you to read more about). It is self-evident that these matters should no longer be obfuscated and that we should fight it. Nowadays she does this through her organization Samburu Girls Foundation which has already helped hundreds of girls but she also started small, in her own home Continue reading “Meeting Josephine Kulea: She gives Obama hope!”