Home Is Where the Food Is

Hind is a strong young woman who fled Iraq with her family when she was only 8 years old. She grew up in a dominantly white town in which she faced different –Dutch – customs. Hind is used to having an open welcoming Arabic home with food everywhere, which isn’t quite the norm in the Netherlands. So, we asked her how this made her feel and when she feels the most at home.

”I feel the most at home in the Netherlands when I go out to the city on a Saturday morning. Just strolling around the city, shoppingand buying a spring roll or fries. Also, when it’s really cold outside and I go ice skating or when we go to the swimming pool and have fries afterwards. It’s basically always fries. Somehow they symbolize something very Dutch to me.”

”Yes, fries haha!”

”I feel the least at home in the Netherlands when I’m at a Dutch birthday party. We sit around in a circle and there’s barely any food. You also have to choose what kind of pie you want to eat and all the food is behind doors, you cannot just grab something.”




This is part of a series in which we explore when people of non-Dutch descent feel the most and the least at home in the Netherlands. They provide us with interesting perspectives of the country we know (and love).
In collaboration with the amazing Esther Captures. Click here to check out more of her work.

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