Dear man who made me question myself


Dear catcaller,

I think you don’t understand the impact of your words and actions, and how they make me feel. I was just cycling through the city, yet you felt that you could sexually harass me. Let me tell you this though, your harassment made me feel dirty. So very disgusting that I wanted to shower as soon as I came home for the sole reason of washing off your degrading words and gestures. Now don’t try and tell me that I asked for it, standing there at the crossing minding my own business wearing at least 4 layers of thick winter clothes.

Let me tell you this, it’s catcalling men like you who truly and intentionally diminish women’s sense of freedom. It’s you who keep undressing women with your eyes, stopping them from enjoying the first sunny days because they don’t feel safe and comfortable in a skirt. And it’s you who made me question myself, in need of validation that I indeed did NOT ask for it.

You cause women harm, doubt and regret for no reason but your own enjoyment. And I get that society made you feel like you are entitled to some sort of behavior, you have become a victim to all that is shown to you. The media don’t always portray women like they should. Yet I cannot sympathize with you nor will I let you have this power over me.

So, I’m asking you, could you please stop catcalling me and other women? You’re causing us doubt and regret, and that hurts. Your time’s up.

Kind regards,
a woman


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