Ways to shine your light!


I have a friend who is amazing for many reasons. But one of those reasons is not just that’s she’s very cool, it’s a kind gesture she makes to the world around her. She one day decided that she would always  smile to the people around her, ‘’because it might just be the only smile they get that day.’’ She has just proven that it literally doesn’t cost anything to be a kind human being. As you’ve just read, it’s easy to do. But here are some more tips that’ll help you shine your light and be aware of your surroundings.

”A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward

Speak your mind. And I don’t mean always, but when you want to compliment someone on an outfit or something, just do it! Can you remember those times someone just randomly complimented you? I know I can and it made my day.

Another thing you can do is not wearing headphones. Nowadays, we seem to live in both a real and digital world. Both worlds can be cool, but the real one is the only one in which we can create meaningful human connections. And we do really need connections in order to feel alive and loved, it’s something we all crave. And besides that, wearing headphones eliminates any chance of spontaneous interaction.

And when you do end up having a conversation with someone, keep asking questions. People love the feeling of being heard and listened to. Everyone has a story worth sharing, so it could be an educational moment for you, but it could also help someone else to put their thoughts into perspective. So try to focus on someone else instead, you will get love and appreciation in return.

This also means that you don’t have to be awkward about addressing someone. A grocery store, market, mall or outside, they’re all filled with opportunities to help someone out. What is holding you back from doing it? Is it the rat race of life? Do you feel awkward? Don’t let it hold you back, because those small acts of kindness – like helping someone get up after falling – are truly wonderful and won’t even take up much of your time.

Last but not least, put your phone away. Simon Sinek talked about this in one of his many videos. The idea is that others trust you less when you’re always paying attention to your phone. Imagine having a conversation in which you’re pouring your heart out, but your friend is on his or her phone all – the – time. It’s effect is significant. One would rather spend time with someone who is giving you his or her undivided attention. That’s how you make someone feel appreciated. And also then, continue to ask questions.


So, it turns out that it’s fairly easy to shine your light in a dimmed world. A big shout out to the people out there making small changes to someone else’s lives, showing them that they’re worthy of time and that they matter. Are you ready to apply these tips in your life? They are good for every kind of relationship, including the ones with strangers.









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