My undeserved privilege

I awake
Turn on the television
I see people like me
Fair skinned and middle class
Who can be late
Without being generalized

I take the train
To go to work
I am educated and have a good job
Feeling comfortable in the first world
Not realizing
Not everybody has this opportunity

It might be because I am
Able-bodied and straight
Native speaker
Free of a criminal record
Born in the country I live in
It might be because I am cis *

Favorable circumstances
Are what I live in and am used to
Though looking beyond perceptions
Made me realize
Not everybody lives here
Not everybody is privileged

Everybody is human
But it does not seem to be enough
To be treated
Like one should



*used to describe someone who feels that they are the same gender (= sex) as the physical body they were born with. Opposite: transgender.
Read more about being transgender here.





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