Meeting Josephine Kulea: She gives Obama hope!

You know how your goals sometimes seem unachievable? Like the road ahead of you seems to be endless and long and you’re not sure if you’re willing to hike all the way up to the top? I feel that way sometimes (read: often) and I truly wonder what gear people use to get up there. Cause how can you be at that point while having started completely at the bottom? I was in luck because I had the chance to meet an inspiration, Josephine Kulea, and now I want to share what I’ve learnt with you.

Josephine is a Samburu, Kenyan, born lady whose culture promotes FGM, beading and child marriage (harmful traditions I encourage you to read more about). It is self-evident that these matters should no longer be obfuscated and that we should fight it. Nowadays she does this through her organization Samburu Girls Foundation which has already helped hundreds of girls but she also started small, in her own home where she would welcome girls into safety. Something she saw her mother do before her and which inspired her to fight for justice as well. Now she does what’s in her power to help the girls who need it and she does it well (Think kindness, n.d.).


In hindsight Josephine can look back
on a time in which she already achieved a lot considering her age. When I asked her what her key was to being successful she answered that she followed her heart and passion. People repeatedly told her that she was wrong, especially being a woman growing up in a culture in which she wasn’t even allowed to speak in front of men, but she didn’t back down. She called herself a bit of a ‘rebel’ fighting for what she fiercely believes in. When others would say no, she would continue dedicating her everything to saving these girls in need. I strongly believe that this attitude of persistence and not giving in to the majority helped her get to the place where she is now. Also, I think that her story is very inspiring and that it shows that it’s okay to be a rebel, to think different, to be a truth seeker and to fight for what you believe is right.

It seems to be the most important to stay close to who you are, to remain authentic. To chase honorable goals and not the money. To surround yourself with the people who’ll challenge you and who’ll help you become the person you want to be. To persist even when people tell you to quit and to above all, follow you heart’s desire. Josephine Kulea is still a normal down to earth cheery woman and not very different from us. We too can start taking baby steps and run to the top one day. I encourage you to never give up and to also do what’s in your power because change has to come from us, the people.



Josephine received a big shout-out from Mr. Obama himself. Check it out below.


Think kindness. (n.d.). Meet Josephine Kulea – A living hero. Retrieved on February 7, 2017, from

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